Season 2, Episode 2

Son of Sam

(David Berkowitz)

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David at nine years of age.

Young David.

David joined the army and stayed there for 3 years, being

an excellent marksman, especially with rifles.

Police escort handcuffed Son of Sam suspect David Berkowitz into headquarters in lower Manhattan.

(Staff/New York Daily News/MCT)

His arrest.

A smiling David R. Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam, was taken from a police

car for his arraignment on Aug. 11, 1977.

(Photo: Corbis)

An arson log kept by David Berkowitz, showing dates and locations.

David Berkowitz's father.

Harvey, the black lab, and Sam Carr.

Traffic ticket that led to the arrest of David Berkowitz.

David Berkowitz's car.

On the seat of David Berkowitz's car are maps, a bottle, an automobile distributor cap and a copy of the parking ticket that led to his arrest.

(Paul Hosefros/The New York Times)

A 8 x 10-and-a-half original AP Laserphoto from 1977 featuring David Berkowitz, sleeping in his cell at Kings County Hospital prison ward. The New York Post reported that Berkowitz who has spent the past four months in an isolation cell at the hospital has totally withdrawn from reality. It says all of that on the bottom of the photo released by Associated Press.

David Berkowitz gives an interview to the press in 1979 while imprisoned

at the Attica Correctional Facility.

Son of Sam, who??

Now, he goes by “Son of Hope” after finding his faith.

Judge Robert Alexander, Former Prison Guard at Attica Prison.

The Victims

Unknown female,

Christmas Eve, 1975,

Michelle Forman, 15,

Christmas Eve, 1975,

Donna Lauria

Jody Valenti

Carl Denaro

Rosemary Keenan

Donna DeMasi

Joanne Lomino

Christine Freund

John Diel

Virginia Voskerichain

Valentina Suriani & Alexander Esau

Salvatore Lupo

Judy Placido

Stacy Moskowitz

Bobby Violante

The Letters

This was the first letter found at a crime scene.

Part of the letter sent to Jimmy Breslin.