Hey Guys! I’m Megan.

I’m glad you’re here and it’s nice to meet ya! :)

I’m just a small-town Louisiana girl (yeah I know...the accent is strong! Lol) with a huge love of true crime and really all things spooky. Growing up, I wanted to be a mortician, coroner, CSI, Forensic ANYTHING, or a detective. I was a weird kid but hey, that’s what makes us unique...right? Haha! Anyways. I’ve always loved true crime and it’s something I’m very passionate about. I also love being an advocate for missing people, unknown found people, unjust prison sentences, and much more.

I will never ever victim shame or blame in my podcast btw!

I have hands in basically everything in life because I’m a girl with big dreams. Podcasting has been my favorite.

I’m also an influencer, blogger, certified life coach, and certified makeup/SFX artist. Told ya...busy, crazy bee lol. All of that is at www.unicornkissestribe.com if you’re interested in that!

Hmmm what else? I love cats, my weenie dog, Star Wars, nerdy things, spooky and creepy stuff, witchy things, makeup, unicorns, pastel colors, black, coffee cups, making people feel good about themselves, coffee, reading, encouraging people, and aliens! Not necessarily in that order! 😂

Hope you enjoy the podcast and we connect soon! I can’t wait to chat.