Season 1, Episode 7

Joshua Bradley Jenkins

Joshua Jenkins

Crime: Homicide

Age at Time of Crime: 15

Characteristics: Familicide- Parricide.

Reason: Revenge for sending him to boarding school.

Number of victims: 5

Date of murders: February 2-3, 1996.

Date of arrest: February 4, 1996.

Victims: His adoptive parents, grandparents, and sister.

Method of murder: Hitting with a hammer and stabbing with knife / Beating with an axe.

Location: San Diego County, California, USA.

Status: Sentenced to 112 years in prison without parole on June 30, 1997. Still in Custody.

Left: Joshua’s Adoptive Parents, George and Alene Jenkins with their daughter and his little sister, Megan Jenkins.

Right: William and Evelyn Grossman. Parents of Alene Jenkins and Grabdparents of Joshua and Megan Jenkins.