Season 1, Episode 8

Carl Eugene Watts

AKA “Coral” or “The Sunday Morning Slasher”

Carl Eugene Watts

Carl during trial.

Coral Eugene Watts is escorted out of a Pontiac courtroom in November 2004 after he was found guilty

in the 1979 stabbing death of Helen Dutcher.

Coral Eugene Watts, 51, who was found guilty of stabbing 36-year-old Helen Dutcher to death in a Detroit suburb in 1979, is shown in this file photo on Dec. 7, 2004. Watts, a confessed serial killer died Friday Sept. 21, 2007 only a little more than a week after he received a second life sentence, authorities said.

Creepy artwork of the killer.

Sketch of the suspect before he was identified.

A few of his victims.

Rest In Peace, ladies. ♥️

Elena Semander, victim.

Elizabeth Montgomery, victim.

Emily La Qua, victim.

Anna Ledet, victim.

Gloria Steele, victim.

Helen Mae Dutcher, victim.

Jeanne Clyne, victim.

Linda Tilley, victim.

Margaret Fossi, victim.

Michelle Maday, victim.

Susan Wolf, victim.