a photo of a family posing for a photo

Jeffrey Franklin

His current arrest information.

a man in a blue shirt holding up a mugshot
a person's id is displayed on a screen
the teenage hatchet murders by jeffrey franklin

Season 1, Episode 5

Some of the writings in Jeffrey’s journal.

a group of police officers stand outside a house at night

A link to the actual letter Jeffrey wrote to the Judge asking for an early parole date.

The murder weapons.

An interview with Jeffrey from 2005.

Huntsville detectives investigate the crime scene at the Franklin home on Camelot Drive in Huntsville March 10, 1998.

Now, he focuses on his artwork in Prison.

A few photos of Jeffrey from his arrest, also one of what he scratched into his chest, and one is current a current photo of him in prison.

A portrait of the whole family. This photo is taken from the Good Shepard Church directory. Published in 1993.

Jeffrey Franklin is lead from the courtroom Friday after pleading guilty to murder and attempted murder. He is lead back to Madison Co jail by Deputy Sheriff W. Johnson.

a man is being escorted by a police officer

Jeffrey Franklin is pictured in his 1998 mugshot.